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How to Order

Placing an Order with Angel Wholesale is simple, safe and secure.

1. Finding The Right Products for you

Searching on Angel Wholesale is quick and simple. You can use the search bar in the top right to find specific items if you know what you're looking for.

All of our products have 'Product Codes' that you can find on your order if you wanted to make a repeat order, simply place the code into the search bar to find that specific item.

You can also use the categories to browse for inspiration or find items in a range that we stock. These categories can be found at the top of the page. You can click on them to go straight into the category, or hover over to view the sub-categories.

2 . Add an Item to your Shopping Basket

Once you've found an item that you'd like to order, you need to place it in youir shopping basket.

If a product is in stock  there will be an 'Add to Basket' button next to it. You can select the quantity that you want to purchase by putting a number in the box and then pressing 'Add to Basket.'

If an item is shown as out of stock please feel free to contact our offices to find out when we will be getting more stock in.

3 .View Shopping Basket

To view the contents of your basket click ' on the basket icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. To buy more than one of the same item simply update the amount in the quantity column and press the 'Update Basket' button. This will then update the quantities in your shopping basket.

To add more items to the basket press the 'Continue to our shop here' button. This will then take you back to the store. 

4. Entering your Delivery Information

Once you're happy with your basket, you can continue to the 'Delivery Information' screen. Here you'll enter your address details and can continue to the next screen.

5. Entering your Payment Information

We accept Credit and Debit Card payments through Pay Vector and also accept Paypal on our website. You can enter your payment details and this will then be processed securely for you.

6. Confirmation

Once the payment has been processed, your order will have been placed and you will receive a confirmation email.